Day Pass


This Work from Anywhere Pass is perfect if you want to enjoy working half of the day indoors and half of the day outdoors. Catch the sunset while having your sending your end of the day email recap and get a complimentary massage or facial right after!
* Get access to a room from 6am to 6pm and choose to work either from your room or next to nature
* End the day with either a complimentary deep cleansing and soothing facial
* Take advantage of the pool and the fitness lounge at anytime
* Need to scan, print or call? Enjoy complimentary access to our business center.
* Free flowing coffee in the lobby
* A well-balanced meal awaits you for lunch and dinner so you have enough energy for your demanding job. Please note that all food allotments and facial treatments are good for one person. However, we can grant access to the resort to use the facilities and room for two people.
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